Mathewson Road Clubhouse

Mathewson Road was called Shore Road during the late 1800’s. It was part of Alan C. Mathewson’s Estate, which ran from County Road, then called Providence Road, to Ferry Lane.

Alan C. Mathewson was a Providence jewelry manufacturer and gentlemen farmer who was the State Senator from Barrington around 1870. He used his distinctive white Boathouse as a shipping dock. Many think this was our first clubhouse, which is not true. Our first quarters were located further down the river at the end of Chapin Road.

By the turn of the Century, Barrington had become a favorite Bayside community, with Shore Road a beehive of activity. There were Hotels lining the River – the Hotel Mathewson, torn down in the early 50’s, was located at the end of Chapin and Mathewson Lane. The “Gables”, now the home of Pete and Barbara Waterman, was a favorite hotel. Saturday night dancing was held in “Grove Hall”, now the home of Pauline and Gene Healey.

One of the major events of the Spring was the annual opening of our Yacht Club, which was seasonal then. With colorful buntings and nautical flags, people celebrated the new boating season. It is still common practice today for boat owners to “Dress Ship” on that special Saturday in May.