Rules and Policies

The rules and policies of the Barrington Yacht Club are detailed below and cover the following areas:

  • House Rules
  • Pool Rules and Regulations
  • Junior Rules
  • Marina and Dock Rules
  • Slip and Space Allocation Policy
  • Sailing Dinghy Storage Policy
  • STP Boat Borrowing Policy
  • Guest Policy
  • Club Rental Policy
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House Rules

1) Responsibility

a) The Manager shall be responsible for supervision of all Club property and Club employees, and for the enforcement of all rules.

b) Junior Club Officers are authorized to enforce the rules among Junior Members under the guidance of the Junior Activities Director and subject to the jurisdiction of the Commodore.

c) Parents are responsible for their children AT ALL TIMES.

2) General Rules

a) All persons using any of the Club facilities do so at their own risk. The Club is not responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use.

b) The Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. It is suggested that money and valuables be left at home.

c) The cost of any damage to the Club or Club property will be charged to the responsible Member.

d) All members and guests shall assist in keeping Club property and adjacent waters clean and free of trash.

e) Members are requested not to tip employees.

f) Overnight parking is allowed only in the South Lot. Violators are subject to removal at owners’ expense.

g) Dogs on Club property must be kept on a leash and pets are not allowed in the Clubhouse. Pet owners must clean up after their pets.

h) Gambling on Club property is forbidden.

i) Intoxicants shall not be given to or consumed by any employee of the Club while on duty.

j) Children under nine (9) are not allowed on Club property unless accompanied by an adult Member.

k) The area south of the main entrance: the Williams Room, the Main Hall, the Club docks, and the South Deck are closed to children and Junior Members, unless accompanied and supervised by an adult Member.

l) Members and guests under legal age shall not be under the influence of, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages on Club property.

m) Junior Members are not allowed on Club property after the Manager has closed the Club for the night, unless accompanied by an adult Member.

n) All persons of all ages must have a life preserver in their possession when using a Club rowboat, skiff, or whaler.

o) All children twelve (12) and under must wear life preservers on the Club docks, floats and decks, when using any Club vessel, or when riding in the Club launch.

p) These rules and regulations may be revised or additional rules may be established at any time by the Board of Governors.

q) BYC is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is prohibited anywhere at BYC.

r) Members shall drive slowly and carefully on approaching roads and in parking lot.

s) Bicycle riders shall use the designated parking area for their bikes.

3) Floats, Storage, and Facilities

a) Gear shall not be taken through the Club lobby.

b) Crafts shall not use the landing floats for a longer period of time than is necessary to get serviced or take aboard or discharge passengers, nor shall any craft be left unattended.

c) Skiffs or dinghies shall not tie up to the landing floats or dry storage floats, except to unload passengers or gear.

d) The dry floats shall be used only for prams, small skiffs or similar light weight hulls which are used principally as yacht tenders. Outboard motors of low horsepower and weight used on these tenders may be left thereon.

e) Crafts using skiff rings must be equipped with gunwale guards or equivalent. Small craft not in floating condition will be removed for the protection of other craft using skiff rings.

f) Club launches shall be operated by licensed Club employees only.

g) Club employees shall not board any non-Club owned craft, except in the case of an emergency.

h) Club employees shall not be responsible for pumping out or caring for small boats at skiff rings or dry storage floats.

Pool Rules and Regulations

1) General Pool Rules

a) Food, refreshments, and/or chewing gum may not be brought into the pool area or decks, except where designated as the Snack Area. Please clean up refuse before leaving.

b) Alcohol shall be allowed in the pool area only when the bar is open.

c) Abusive or obscene language is not allowed.

d) Pool users must be respectful of and obey the lifeguards. Lifeguards are authorized to deny pool privileges to anyone who does not comply with the pool rules.

e) Members must check in when entering, and check out when leaving, the pool.

f) During Adult Swims, all children under 18 years of age shall clear the pool.

g) Members are expected to be aware of and follow the pool rules. Violations of these rules should be reported to the Pool Director and/or Club Manager for consideration and action.

h) Comments and/or complaints shall be made in writing to the Pool Director and/or Club Manager. If satisfaction is not gained, the issue should be brought, in writing, to the House Committee.

2) Pool Guests

a) The BYC Guest Policy applies to the pool.

b) Members must register their Guest(s) upon entering the pool. Members must accompany their Guest for their entire stay.

c) Hosting Members are responsible for informing their Guests of the BYC rules.

d) Children who are not Junior Members are not allowed at the pool without supervision by a competent Member, as determined by the Pool Director. All “sitters” must be BYC Members. The supervising Member is directly responsible for the conduct of all children under their care. The Pool Director shall not allow any parent or sitter to be given an unreasonable responsibility in the number of children under their care.

e) All Guests under 14 years of age must be introduced to the Pool Director or Lifeguard so that a basic swim test can be given before entrance to the pool.

f) GUEST FEES: see schedule of fees earlier in book

3) Pool Health and Safety

a) All swimmers must soap and shower before entering the pool.

b) At the discretion of the Pool Director and Lifeguard, admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with head colds, coughs, inflamed eyes or infections, or to anyone wearing bandages.

c) Street clothing, sailing clothing, or cut-offs are not permitted in the pool: swimmers may wear bathing suits only.

d) Pets are not allowed in the pool area.

e) Running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing, roughhousing or causing undue disturbance in or about the pool area is not allowed.

f) Diving is not allowed.

g) Air-inflated tubes, jackets, masks, toys, flippers, or other similar paraphernalia shall not be allowed in the pool area except with special permission of the Pool Director.

h) “Bubbles” may be used in the low shallow area of the pool, as long as the child is accompanied in the water by a responsible adult.

i) Diapers are not allowed in the pool or the kiddy pool unless covered. Diaper changing is limited to the bathrooms.

j) The pool, or any part thereof, may be closed for maintenance operations, health conditions, weather conditions or any reason deemed sufficient by the Pool Director and/or Club Manager.

4) Children’s Use of the Pools

a) Children under 14 years of age shall not be allowed in the deep end until they have passed the “basic swim test.” This includes Members and Guests.

b) “Basic Test” – Swimming style shall consist of a good strong kick and stroke, and must be approved by the Pool Director and/or Lifeguard.

c) Junior Members who have passed the “Basic Test” may come to the Pool unaccompanied by an adult, provided an emergency health form has been filled out and returned to the pool director.

d) All other Members’ children and guests must be accompanied by an adult Member.

e) Use of the kiddy pool shall be limited to children 5 years old and under. These children must be accompanied by a responsible person who must be at the kiddy pool at all times.

f) Metal or rigid plastic toys are not allowed in the kiddy pool.

Junior Rules

1) Junior Clubhouse Rules

a) The BYC Guest Policy applies to Junior Members.

b) Junior Members are restricted to designated areas. The area south of the main entrances: the Williams Room, the Main Hall, the Club docks, and the South Deck, are closed to Junior Members unless accompanied by an adult Member. c) Food is not allowed in the main Clubhouse, except at designated events.

d) Do not place food or drinks on game tables.

e) Do not enter the Clubhouse dripping wet.

f) What isn’t yours – don’t touch!

2) General Junior Rules

a) No running or playing on docks.

b) No playing in club boats.

c) Use nice language.


3) Children’s Rules for Club Night (TGIF)

a) Use nice language and your inside voice.

b) Clean up after yourself and put things back where you found them.

c) No throwing, running or roughhousing in the Club.

d) Children are not allowed outside after dark.

e) Children must be accompanied by an adult when in the Senior Lounge.

f) Children are not allowed in the Williams Room.

g) Only adults may order from the bar.

h) Parents are responsible for their children AT ALL TIMES.

Marina and Dock Rules

1) The rules of the road, the Navigation Laws of the United States, the laws of the State of Rhode Island, the ordinances of the Town of Barrington, and the rules of the Barrington Yacht Club apply to all vessels in or approaching the marina.

2) A boat owner leaving for more than one night shall notify the Manager or Steward of the expected date of return so that the Club may accommodate visiting yachts and have the slip available upon the owner’s return.

3) It is expected that everyone using the marina willl show consideration for the rights and comforts of other members and their guests. Guests and transients are requested not to use or disturb docking lines, hoses, fenders or power lines belonging to the tenant of the slip.

4) Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times, including such items as halyards and flags.

5) As there is no direct supervision of the marina by the stewards, children and guests of boat owners are allowed in the marina only in the presence of the boat owner.

6) Pets are permitted as long as they do not disturb others. Dogs must be leashed at all times.

7) Refuse and garbage must not be thrown overboard and must be placed in the containers provided. Gas, oil and oily bilges must not be discharged into the waters.

8) Floats are to be kept clean at all times. Storage of loose gear, dinghies, etc. on the floats is prohibited.

9) Hoses and electrical lines must not cross piers unless between planking and flush with top of existing planking.

10) Laundering and drying of laundry on floats, decks, or rigging is not permitted except for bathing suits and towels.

11) The finger piers between slips are for use by boats on both sides. The location of gangplanks, ladders, or steps thereon shall not interfere with the access of the adjacent boat owner. The permission of the Manager will be necessary for the construction or placement of any such gang-planks, ladders, or steps. Any such construction will be made at the boat owner’s expense and maintained by the boat owner in good condition.

12) The owners of guest boats are subject to the above rules. In addition the owners of guest boats shall:

a) Make docking arrangements with the Manager who will assign a slip.

b) Move at the Manager’s direction if a slip owner returns unexpectedly and leave the marina if no other slip is available.

c) Notify the Manager when leaving and settle account in full before doing so.

d) Check out by 1:00 PM unless other arrangements have been made with the Manager.

e) Boats occupying a slip after 1:00 PM will be charged the dockage for an additional night.

f) Obey rules of the BYC Marina, a copy of which they will receive on docking.

Slip and Space Allocation Policy

1) There will be four (4) waiting lists for slips or spaces posted at the Clubhouse: the main marina, outboard docks, dry storage, and dolly dinghy storage. Also to be posted is a dock-slip diagram and/or list showing present lessees. A member’s name may be posted on more than one list and the member may change their size requirements on any one particular list any time prior to receiving notice of slip availability.

2) The Club will lease slips in the order in which names appear on the list. The relationship of slip size to boat size, including length, draft and beam, will be made by BYC.

3) It is the member’s responsibility to make sure that he/she is on the proper waiting list.

4) When a slip becomes available for lease, the member at the top of the appropriate list will be notified by the BYC office. Slip contracts will be mailed out by November 15 to be returned by December 31st.

a) When a slip becomes available for lease and the lessee does not own a boat, the member will be given until June 15th of that season to buy a boat in which to occupy the slip. Proof of ownership must be shown. If a member does not own a boat by June 15, their name will be removed from the list or moved to the bottom of the list. The only exception to this would be in a situation where the boat does not properly fit, i.e., length, draft, or beam, in the available slip. The member would then retain their current position on that list.

b) A Member will be required to sign and return, with proof of ownership and insurance, a contract not later than December 31st. If the Member fails to do this, a registered letter and slip contract will be sent, to be returned by the Member within seven business days upon receipt of the letter; otherwise, the slip will be released. Payment for the slip will coincide with the payment schedule for yearly dues.

5) BYC will handle any difficulties or concerns regarding the slip allocation policy.

6) BYC will allow an existing lessee who is without a boat a one year grace period during which BYC will sublet the slip. During that year the original lessee will be accommodated on a “space available” basis only.

7) All slip allocation policy requests must be in writing.

8) There shall be minimum and maximum size limitations for all slips and spaces

Sailing Dinghy Storage Policy

1) All sailing dinghies (Sunfish, Laser, 420, etc.) stored on BYC property must be labeled with numbered BYC stickers and registered with club management.

2) Fees are listed on the fee schedule earlier in the Log.

3) Storage on floats is only available in the “off season” (October to May).

4) Storage on dollies is only available in the designated space east of the storage container north of the northeast corner of the parking lot.

STP Boat Borrowing Policy

STP boats may be borrowed only by current Adult and Junior Members of the Yacht Club, when not being used by STP. Boats must be signed out with the club manager. The club manager will assess if weather conditions are proper for boat use.

Guest Policy

1) A Guest is anyone not described in one of the membership categories of the Club, as stated in Article III, Section 3 of the bylaws. These policies below apply to all Members, including Junior Members, and their guests.

2) Children of Members over the age of nine who are not Junior Members are Guests and these policies apply to them.

3) Adult offspring and grandchildren of Members are Guests and these policies apply to them.

4) These policies apply at the pool, social events, and general use of Club facilities.

5) Houseguests are exempt from this policy for up to two weeks per year.

6) Guests or crew going to or from a Member’s boat, and participants in Club sponsored racing events are also exempt.

7) Specific events may restrict or limit guests

8) A person may only be a Guest twice in one month.

9) A Member may not bring more than two (2) Guests to the Club at one time.

10) A Guest must be accompanied by their host Member.

11) Guests and their host Member must sign and date the Guest Book upon arrival.

12) Members are responsible for their Guest’s behavior and actions.

13) Junior Members may not have adult Guests.

14) The Manager will set Guest Rules for visiting yachtsmen.

15) The Manager is responsible for enforcing these rules.

Club Rental Policy

1) In addition to the terms and conditions set forth herein, all rentals of the Club facilities shall be subject to such rules and regulations as may be promulgated from time to time by the Board of Governors, the House Committee or its representative.

2) The Rear Commodore shall have the authority to rent the Club facilities between October 15 and May 15. All other dates must have written approval from the Board of Governors.

3) All approved rentals are with the express understanding that the free and unharried use of the Club and its facilities by members of the Club will be given maximum consideration during the period of the rental.

4) The Club and its facilities may be rented only to members and their families or to outside Groups specifically sponsored by a member on a one-time basis. The member shall be responsible for any and all charges which have not been paid by the Group.

5) Areas available to be rented on the Club premises include the hall, the galley, the bar, and the reception area. Under some circumstances, the Junior Lounge may be rented provided there is no interference with junior activities. The Senior Lounge shall not be rented at any time without specific approval by the Board of Governors.

6) A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee is required with the application. Once the application is approved, the deposit shall become non-refundable, provided, however one-half of the deposit shall be refundable if the event is canceled at least sixty (60) days prior to the reserved date, or if the cancellation is the result of an Act of God and no extraordinary expenses have been incurred by the Club. The balance of the rental fee shall be billed after the event. A damage deposit in the amount of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) may be required at the discretion of the Club Manager. If requited, the damage deposit will be returned after the event in the absence of any physical damage to the Club and/or in the absence of any abnormal cleaning requirements resulting from the rental of the Club. The Group and the Member hereby indemnify and hold the Club harmless from and against any and all loss, cost, damage or expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred or suffered on account of the acts, conducts, or emissions of the Group and the guests of the Group. The damage deposit shall be applied against any such loss, cost, damage or expense and, to the extent the damage deposit is insufficient, the Group and the Member shall be billed for the difference.

7) All “outside help” such as caterers, bands or orchestras, florists, decorators, waiters, waitresses, cooks, parking attendants, and other professions suppliers of services are subject to approval by the Club manager. Use of Club personnel on duty is prohibited. Caterers must:

a) Meet with the Club Manager at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event to provide the manager with any and all plans for the event.

b) Provide a current copy of its Rhode Island Department of Health license (which shall be displayed by the Caterer during the event).

c) Provide food in advance of the event.

d) Set up for the event no earlier than four (4) hours prior to the event.

e) Provide or make arrangements for the provision of all china, glassware, linens, cooking utensils, coffee pots, etc.

f) Leave the galley clean, including scouring all sinks, stoves, countertops and refrigeration, and mopping the floor.

g) Remove all trash from the club.

h) Present evidence of insurance for general liability and products liability (providing for the Group as an additional insured on the date of the event).

8) If more than twenty (20) cars are anticipated for the event, a parking attendant(s) may be required and paid for by the Group. Additionally, the Club reserves the right to require an off-duty police officer ore security person (at the expense of the Group).

9) The manner of hanging or attaching any decorations must be approved by the Club Manager. Every consideration for fire safety and prevention shall be exercised. All balloons shall be removed from the Club at the conclusion of the event.

10) No propane or candles shall be permitted in the Club.

11) Non-members shall be prohibited from walking on Club floats and ramps.

12) All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Club. There will be only one Bar, which will be staffed at the discretion of the Club with adequate bartenders to properly service the expected attendants. Patrons of the event will not be permitted to bring their own supplies thereto. This prohibition includes alcoholic beverages brought as favors. If beverages are not paid for when served, a Service Charge of 15% will automatically be added to the bill. In accordance with Rhode Island State Law and the Club’s Alcohol Awareness Policy, no alcohol may be purchased or served to anyone under the age of 21. The Club and its employees reserve the right to refuse anyone believed to be intoxicated. In accordance with the terms of the Club’s liquor license, alcoholic beverages must be consumed on and not removed from the premises. No alcoholic beverages shall be sold or served after 12:30 AM nor before 6:00AM, Monday through Saturday. No alcoholic beverages shall be sold or served after 12:30 AM nor before 12:00 noon on Sundays. In no event shall the Club remain open after 1:00 AM.

13) If not available at the time of the execution of this Agreement, the Member and/or the Group shall provide to the Club the dollar value of food served at the event, if any. In addition, the Member and/or the Group shall provide the Club with a copy of the invoice supporting this cost.

Club Rental Fees

Please contact the club manager or the Rear Commodore for more information on fees.