Recreational Cruises

Club Cruises are the highlight of the boating season and are a great way to explore new destinations and have fun with friends and family. The Cruise Committee organizes Spring, Summer and Fall cruises to wonderful destinations such as East Greenwich, Potter’s Cove, Newport, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, the Connecticut Shore and Long Island. The BYC cruises offer the peace of mind of cruising in company from destination to destination combined with social activities such as cocktail parties, dinghy parades, casual racing, beach parties, and plenty of fun activities for the kids. Safety on these cruises is paramount and the Cruise Committee schedules regular cruise briefings and help for the less-experienced cruisers. Fun activities and family get-togethers bring all the participants together and foster camaraderie and friendship. The highlight of the cruising year is the Summer Cruise over the July 4th week.


Join us on a BYC cruise – and let the fun begin! Go to the Links and Resources page of our website for helpful cruising links.

Mike Reuter, Cruise Committee Chair