BYC Juniors

Junior Activities is open to children ages 9 and up who have completed 3rd grade by the summer.  However, there are activities planned throughout the year for all children of BYC to enjoy including the Kids’ Christmas Party and Family Day.

During the summer the Game Room/Coach’s Room in the Dana Rice Building is open for Junior Members only.  Junior Members must follow the rules (please see the Log and the Coach’s Room for a complete list of rules) and have completed the waiver for each year.

Coach’s Room hours are Monday thru Thursday 11a to 5:30p (closing early due to inclement weather and/or Thursday Night activities) and Fridays 11a to 8p.  During the summer, there are planned activities during the day and Thursday nights, please check with the Director and/or Assistant for details.

There are other activities planned throughout the year, including the Junior Opening, Game Night, and Junior Elections.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to assist with the committee or if you have any questions.

Elizabeth Kirk, Junior Activities Committee Chair