Mugwumps Racing

Wednesday Evening Racing During STP  

What are Mugwumps?:

Friendly dinghy (Opti, 420, and RS Vision) racing for kids and adults alike.


June 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 3, 10, 2016.  Skipper and crew meetings begin approximately 5:30pm.  Please have boat rigged before meeting.


Skippers & crew sail down river to the race area off Warren town beach.


This is a great opportunity for seasoned racers to hone their skills as well as beginning racers/sailors to spend the evening learning to race with the help of STP instructors, and parent volunteers from the club. Sailors must be capable of sailing out of the harbor and to the race course on their own.  If parents have a question regarding the ability of their sailor, they should check with their child’s STP instructor. Food is served after racing under the tent and awards are announced. A $8 charge per person.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to Zeth Morgan, 401-742-9910 or

2016 Results

2015 Results

Mugwumps wrap up:

What do 6 nights, 93 sailors and Hershey chocolate bars have in common?  MUGWUMPS!!  We had an impressive season of sailing this summer with LOTS of smiling kids and parents.  We score with the Cox-Sprague scoring system.  It’s a percentage scoring system that rewards sailors for participating in more nights and gives higher points when there are more sailors competing.  It was so great to watch them improve and their confidence build as we sailed through the summer.  Parents were very supportive on the water as mark boats and race committee and on land making and serving dinner.  Thank you to you all.


Perfect attendance:  Faith Counoyer, Lindsay Dawson, Jake Lentz, Gus MacCauley, Johnny O’Connell, and Max Sylvester

We had over 35 sailors compete and 10 boats -that’s a lot of crew changes!  3 boats qualifying

3rd place Lindsay Dawson, Kaleigh Morgan, and Christo Macken
2nd place Luc, Portia and Rik Gaitskell
1st place Jack and Grant Culton, Noland and Emerson Leonard, Walter Crosby, Johnny O’Connell, and Ronan Maddock (not to worry they all didn’t sail the same night)

We had 31 sailors compete in 13 boats.  3 qualified
3rd place Cole Glazzard/Charlie Paras (Sam Curry) (Jake Lentz)
2nd place Lindsay Dawson/Kaleigh Morgan (Olivia Tutt) (Faith Counoyer)
1st place Faith Counoyer/Jake Lentz (Lindsay Dawson) (Sam Curry) (Charlotte Counoyer)

We had 27 Opti’s race, 12 qualified!  I looked up last years numbers.  Our record for the night last year was 11 Opti’s sailing one night, this year we had 19!!!!
12th Wyatt Porter
11th Zach Spear
10th Lily Kirk
9th Johnny O’Connell
8th Charlie Macken
7th Declan Maddock
6th  Ronan Maddock
5th Christopher Chwalk (Green 1)
4th Max Sylvester
3rd Gus Macaulay
2nd Brendan Jay
Tyler Kirk