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Barrington Ole Ladies Trophy/MacIntyre Cup  (BOLT)

Barrington Ole Ladies Trophy (BOLT)/MACINTYRE CUP 

2022 Race Date: August 15

In support of women’s participation in the sport of sailing, the Barrington Yacht Club has sponsored a woman’s regatta since 1999. Women from our Club were encouraged to gather an all women crew and sail, in big boats, in a non-spinnaker evening race for the Ole Ladies Cup. Today, we have updated this race to include all local Clubs who will compete in an afternoon race celebrating the competitive spirit of women racers on Narragansett Bay. Participants are required to sail with at least 50% women crew and a woman at the helm for the entire race. The overall winner will have their name added to the Ole Ladies Cup.  The 1st Place Barrington Yacht Club Boat will have their name added to the Jean MacIntyre Cup, which is dedicated to the memory of BYC member Jean MacIntyre, who was an early supporter of womens sailing  and one of the originators of this event. 



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Results will be posted on the Yachtscoring event page