photo: R.Migliaccio

From The Commodore

2015 celebrates the 108th summer season for our wonderful yacht club.  I am very excited about the completion of our long awaited marina project that has created a facility that all will enjoy.  The new design has created a layout to benefit our boat owners and the best location of our sail training fleet.  The club underpinning project has been completed, with the replacement and repair of over 30 pilings under the club.  We were also able to replace the entire deck around the clubhouse, creating a place where we can all enjoy the beauty of the Barrington River and the club waterfront.  I want to thank all the dedicated members who have worked on this project over the past many years.

Barrington Yacht Club is situated on picturesque Barrington Harbor, located at the southern tip of Tyler Point.  This well protected harbor in the northeast corner of Narragansett Bay affords the Club an excellent setting to initiate the multitude of activities provided its members while remaining focused on our mission of fostering the sport of yachting.

Barrington Yacht Club is run by a great staff and a dedicated board of directors who work hard to make sure the club and its programs are enjoyed by all our members and their guests.  At its core, the club revolves around its members, their love and respect for the water, for sailing and boating with all of the possibilities presented and the camaraderie that comes from this mutual sharing.  Club activities are geared toward children, families and adults of all ages and include social events, sail training and sailboat racing for juniors and adults, cruising and hosting and supporting sailing regattas at home and away.

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